Wildflowers - Turfquick Planting Textile
Wildflowers - Turfquick Planting Textile
Wildflowers - Turfquick Planting Textile

Wildflowers - Turfquick Planting Textile

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Perennial seeding with 28 wild Danish flowers.

  • Perennial flower mixture.
  • Wild flowers of Danish origin.
  • Better biodiversity – 28 different species.
  • Without grass.
  • Easy to maintain.

Create Beautiful Landscapes with Wildflower Mixtures

The interest in establishing flowering fields comprised of wildflowers and flowering herbs has grown in recent years. It is important to understand that a flowering field will not usually grow well on its own accord. It requires careful cultivation. If the proper steps are taken establishing a flowering field and certain maintenance is done, a wildflower field will truly blossom.

Establishing New Flowering Fields

When establishing a flowering field in cultivated soil, such as former agricultural soil, problems may arise due to excessive nutrients in the soil and/or a large a number of existing weeds. It may be necessary to combat these weeds with chemicals, or possibly allow existing plants to wither, and then remove the dead material. It is important not to add nutrients to the soil during the conversion process. In general, soil that is low in nutrients will provide the best conditions for a flowering field. The soil can then be plowed and harrowed, or turned with the help of a rotary cultivator, to create a suitable bed for planting. Alternatively, the soil can be allowed to remain fallow over the summer, i.e. to repeat harrowing and allow as many weed seeds to sprout as possible.

For more detailed information please visit https://www.turfquick.com/wildflowers-5m2/