Bermuda - Turfgrass Planting Textile
Bermuda - Turfgrass Planting Textile

Bermuda - Turfgrass Planting Textile

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Fast spring green & good fall colour retention.

  • Strong wear tolerance.
  • Cold tolerant.
  • Early spring green-up.
  • Quick establishment.

Cynodon dactylon

Bermudagrass is widely cultivated in warm climates all over the world. It has a deep root system to perform well in drought situations. The blades are a gray-green color and are short. Fast growing and tough, making it useful for sports fields; it will recover quickly. It is a highly desirable turf grass in warm temperate climates, particularly for those regions where its heat and drought tolerance enable it to survive where few other kinds of grass do.

Quick Facts

MIRAGE II is a new and improved cold tolerant seeded bermudagrass derived from crosses of northern and southern adapted bermudagrasses.

Improved quality and spring green-up

Mirage II provides improved turf quality, early spring green-up, uniform turf and significantly more decumbent growth than common bermudagrass.

Dark and dense

Mirage II is moderately dark green and dense. This is our improved version of Mirage which was a top scorer in numerous NTEP trials.


14 to 21 Days.


MIRAGE II was developed exclusively for low cut utilization in temperate sub-tropical climates where warm-season grasses are adapted. Mirage II can be successfully utilized in full sun on home lawns, sports fields, parks, and golf course tees, fairways, and roughs.

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